We are value investors.

We invest when a security’s fair value is higher than its market price. We invest in undervalued equities, countries, sectors, funds, or fixed-income securities. In our funds we hold value, growth and turnaround securities that are trading at a substantial discount to their fair value. Where necessary, we hedge against price shocks. With our systematic methodology we achieve significantly higher returns over the longer term compared to other investment techniques. In addition to our classic Value funds, we also offer Smart Beta products under the “Modulor” designation, which combine value anomalies with quantitative insights.

  • Artificial intelligence is on the advance - First AI fund in 2017

    Self-driving cars are coming, and so are self-managing funds. Of that, ACATIS is sure. It is also the reason we are offering the first mutual fund that is entirely controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) in 2017. Stock selection, weighting and reorganisation activities are based on the Deep Learning models. The fund manager no longer intervenes in the portfolio decision-making process. The self-learning model progressively adjusts to the market environment and pursues a long-term horizon.

    Deep learning models

    The deep learning models for the fund are based on fundamental data such as sales revenues, EBIT, profit and much more. The fundamental data is derived from an extensive company database that has been developed and steadily expanded for 15 years. The data goes back as far as 1986. The model is based on millions of observations.

    Our role models

    Warren Buffett, the most successful investor ever, who built up a fortune of around $85 billion through smart investing and donated the majority to good causes. We use his investment style as orientation. His motto is: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”.

    Charlie Munger, partner of Warren Buffett. He's a few years older than Warren Buffett, but he's just as smart. We like his life wisdom and his clear words about social grievances.

    Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett's mentor, who in 1934 laid the foundation for financial analysis and value investing in his book "Security Analysis." Scientific studies and practical experience have shown that his investment style still functions extremely well today. His comments on the manic-depressive “Mr. Market” are just as valid today as they were then.

    Our models

    We take a long-term approach in our models for valuing companies, looking back 10 years and forward 10 years.

    On this basis, we invest if we identify a substantial undervaluation versus the past 10-year average. Our current portfolios are fair valued and a little too expensive according to our taste.

    We are cautious with our model assumptions. If they are correct, our share selection can generate long-term rates of return of more than 10% per year. That is our goal, and we are not using benchmarks as an orientation tool in this context.

    The Great Minds of Investing

    © 2015 FinanzBuch Verlag, The Great Minds of Investing, 144 pages, hardcover

    Our illustrated book "The Great Minds of Investing" was released in 2015. This is the first time that ACATIS Investment has joined the ranks of book publishers, with the aim of closing an important gap: A book with portraits of the great and important investors of our time.

    American photographer Michael O'Brien worked his way through our wish list and was able to photograph 33 world-famous financial experts over a time span of five years. His work resulted in a series of stunning black and white photos. Financial journalist William Green and German authors Birgit Wetjen and Gisela Baur interviewed the investors and put together short profiles that explain just what made these individuals into the financial geniuses that they are. Finally, DJ Stout from the Pentagram agency was responsible for designing the book - it is a visual delight! FinanzBuch Verlag in Munich agreed to publish the book.   

    Read more about the book at:


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