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"Nothing lasts forever"

Kategorie: Blog

by Amit Kapoor, Institutional Sales, UK and International

For me, diversification during all market cycles is a key factor for investors looking to achieve long-term value preservation and growth of their wealth. Be it as a small family office, or a large multi-national insurance company, investors should allocate portions of their assets to different strategies, asset classes, styles and regions. What many tend to forget about though is the diversification of human behaviour and human emotion within an investment process. That is where our artificial intelligence led ACATIS AI Global Equities Fund comes into play. The process is built on deep and reinforced learning models which use 80 investment factors to analyse and identify stocks that will out-perform in the future. The fundamentally driven process uses the same data that our human managers use to stock-pick and construct its portfolio. All this without any human intervention at all. Investors should consider such a diversification of their portfolio as well, as nothing lasts forever!

Further information about the fund can be found here.

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