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„ACATIS GANÉ Value Event - so exceptional!”

Kategorie: Blog

by Marie Ballorain, Institutional Sales France and Benelux

I believe the most difficult part when you are a sales person is to find the right “pitch” about the fund you market and why would an investor pick your fund rather than another one. Well, I must say when pitching about our flexible fund ACATIS GANÉ Value Event, the question would rather be: which argument am I going to put forward… because they are all so exceptional!
Am I going to pick the amazing 10 years track-record? Or maybe focus on the 2018 performance? If I talk about the 2018 performance, I need to underline the performance of the fund in other difficult years like 2011 or 2015. And then, I will have to explain the performance: the quality of the stock-picking, the strength of the process. Well, the final question would rather be: am I talking too much, am I too excited about this fund? Believe me, when you start having that type of issues when pitching a fund, it feels good!

Further information about the fund can be found here.

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Photo: Marie Ballorain




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