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"Why I like selling ACATIS GANÉ Value Event Fonds? Endless reasons..."

Kategorie: Blog

by Eva Zaragoza, Institutional Sales

... But, results speak by themselves. Top results one, three and five years, volatility around 8%, still, one of the things I like the most, is the determination to “avoid stress”. That’s one of the reasons why 11 years and AuM €3.5bill later the structure hasn’t changed: GANÉ AG is the sub-advisor of the fund, ACATIS Investment the asset management company. GANÉ wants to be fully focused on the management of the portfolio. Administration, marketing and distribution is on ACATIS Investment.

I like the fact that when fund management is not comfortable with a position, they rather sell it instead of using derivatives. Clients tell me they love this and I so agree with them, the strategy is really straight forward and everyone can see the allocation of the portfolio on a daily basis with our daily factsheet, available in our website.

Disclaimer: https://www.acatis.de/en/imprint/

Photo: Eva Zaragoza





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