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Questions and Answers


1. Who is and what does ACATIS Investment Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH do?
ACATIS is an independent fund boutique that specialises in value investing following the principles developed by Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. In recent years, ACATIS has also been working on artificial intelligence (AI) and its use in portfolio management. At this time, ACATIS is managing three equity funds whose share selection and portfolio composition processes are controlled by artificial intelligence (as at January 2018).
In November 2017, ACATIS received BaFin approval to operate as a financial investment management company.

2. What exactly is value investing?
Value investing is described an investment strategy that actively tries to purchase stocks under their intrinsic value with a margin of safety. This methodology has been well-established in academia since the beginning of the 20th century, and has been tested in practice.
Securities are selected on the basis of a fundamental analysis. It targets those companies whose value is assessed as stable and promising, but which are traded at prices that are well below their value. The objective is to beat the return of a passive or trend-oriented investment policy over the long term.

3. Who are the managing directors and partners of ACATIS?
The three managing partners of ACATIS are Dr. Hendrik Leber (Portfolio Management), Dr. Claudia Giani-Leber (Marketing) and Thomas Bosch (Risk Management).

4. Is ACATIS affiliated with a bank?
No, ACATIS is an independent fund boutique that is not affiliated with a bank.

5. When was ACATIS founded?
ACATIS was founded in 1994 in Frankfurt am Main by Dr. Claudia Giani-Leber and Dr. Hendrik Leber, initially under the name ACATO.

6. Which awards has ACATIS received to date?
ACATIS and Dr. Hendrik Leber have received numerous awards from leading rating agencies and newspapers/magazines for their consistent performance and excellent management services. An overview of the most recent awards can be found here.

7. What products does ACATIS offer?
ACATIS offers mutual funds in different investment classes, special funds and mandates according to value criteria. Four of the funds also pursue a sustainability strategy. In some selected funds, we collaborate with external managers. These experts have special knowledge in their respective areas, which benefits clients invested trough-out all our funds.

8. Do the ACATIS mutual funds conform to UCITS IV?
Yes, all ACATIS mutual funds are subject to the UCITS Directive (UCITS IV).

9. What are the fees for the ACATIS funds?
Fees can vary from fund to fund. For more information, consult the respective prospectus or KID for the fund on our fund overview.

10. What is the name of the depositary/custodian bank for the fund?
ACATIS works with several strong partners. The depositary/custodian bank of a fund can be found in the respective prospectus or KID on our fund overview.

11. When did ACATIS launch its first fund?
The flagship fund ACATIS Aktien Global Fonds launched in May 1997. Portfolio management has been in the hands of Dr. Hendrik Leber and his team since inception.

12. How can I invite ACATIS to an in-house trade event or advisory training?
Please contact our sales team: salesacatiscom

13. Who is ACATIS Service?
ACATIS Service GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ACATIS Investment; the company is based in Switzerland. It has obtained authorisation from FINMA as a distributor for institutional and retail investors. The company distributes the financial products of ACATIS Investment that have been approved in Switzerland.

14. Who is ACATIS Research?
ACATIS Research GmbH is an ACATIS subsidiary based in Bochum. The Managing Directors of ACATIS Research are Christoph Brand and Dr. Hendrik Leber. The company was founded in 1997 under the name Aalto GmbH. ACATIS Research develops customised analysis and management software for ACATIS (stock analysis, order management, allocation model, fund selection) and also hosts all system-relevant applications for portfolio management.

15. Who is Quantenstein?
Quantenstein GmbH was founded in 2016 as a joint venture of ACATIS Investment and NNAISENSE. The purpose of this joint venture is to develop artificial intelligence models in the area of long-term value investing, i.e. automated and self-learning investment strategies. Since autumn 2018, Quantenstein is a 100% subsidiary of ACATIS Investment.

16. Who is Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH?
Universal-Investment, which is based in Frankfurt, uses the three performance areas Administration, Insourcing and Risk Management to focus on the efficient and risk-oriented management of funds, securities, alternative investments and real estate.

17. What are the contact details for ACATIS?
ACATIS Investment Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Taunusanlage 18
60325 Frankfurt

How can I reach ACATIS?
Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
General inquiries: anfragenacatisde
Sales-related inquiries: salesacatiscom