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Why I love to sell ACATIS AI BUZZ US Equities

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by Amit Kapoor, Institutional Sales, UK and International

Wouldn’t you like to know where the BUZZ is before investing?
The newest addition to our AI platform does just that. The ACATIS AI BUZZ US Equities (ISIN Cl. A: DE000A2JF683) is a unique fund that can complement traditional strategies by adding uncorrelated alpha. The idea is that sentiment has a big weighting on investment decisions and using big data to capture this. Machine learning techniques identify a universe of US stocks based on positive investor sentiment. It does this by using 14 different language processing machines to scan social media forums. Monthly rebalancing ensures that the portfolio remains current. The portfolio holds 75 stocks with a minimum market cap of $5bn and a maximum weighting of 3%. The strategy has out-performed the S&P500 by 12 percentage points since 2016 and our UCITS fund has continued this trend, out-performing by 0.6 percentage points since its launch in mid-May.

Further information about the fund can be found here.

Our disclaimer applies to the fund launch.

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