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Videos of the 16th ACATIS Value Conference online

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Watch the videos here.

"Brave New World"

Three presentations from our annual Value Conference were simultaneously translated and recorded. You can find the videos on our YouTube playlist.

"Brave New World", Dr. Hendrik Leber, ACATIS
Is the world getting better or worse? On an intuitive level, everything seems to be getting worse - we are surrounded by criminals, inept politicians, unscrupulous captains of industry, cruel dictators and fanatic zealots. But in fact, when it comes to hunger, poverty, education and global peace, the world has significantly improved over the last decades and centuries. Technologies are now vastly accelerating the changes that are happening in the world. It is still not clear whether we will inhabit a concrete and overheated surveillance state dominated by hunger, or whether we will be able to live our lives on our own terms without a worry in the world. Our goal today is to sketch out the bandwidth of potential developments - and the resulting investment opportunities.

"Text Analysis in Portfolio Management - What Can you Do with 7.5 Billion Words?", Dr. Jörg Hering, ACATIS
U.S. companies publish thousands of annual reports, quarterly reports, and ad hoc announcements each year with important corporate information. In addition to relevant financial metrics, the reports include extensive textual information about a company‘s current position, ongoing product developments, and future opportunities and risks. ACATIS uses high-performance computers and automated text analysis to collect and analyze this wealth of information. Artificial intelligence tools recognize patterns in business figures and texts to identify future winners. The financial potential is enormous.

"The World inside the Bioreactor", Oliver Walker, evolva
Evolva solves the problems of natural supply chains using an approach from the 21st century, which combines biotechnology and fermentation. Evolva develops, manufactures and sells ingredients that offer many benefits for daily life but are only used to a limited extent due to their problematic procurement. The main ingredients are stevia, nootkatone and resveratrol. Nature and technology must go hand in hand to make the world a more sustainable place. Evolva’s mission is to make a contribution to this development.


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