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Why is ACATIS AI Global Equities so unique?

Why is ACATIS AI Global Equities so unique?

Fund presentation by Marie Ballorain, Institutional Sales, France and Benelux

Can you imagine a fund where a machine studies fundamental data and gives you a complete portfolio you can invest in? Well, it does exist because Doctor Leber, the founder of ACATIS, is a true visionary. Some years ago, he already figured out that AI was going to play a leading role in asset management and he wanted ACATIS to be ahead of the crowd. Thus, we made a joint-venture with an independent AI company and started training a machine to recognize and analyze patterns in fundamental data by itself. The aim is therefore not to predict the markets, but to find a new way to pick stocks. In June 2017, we launched ACATIS AI Global Equities where the machine can create much more complex investment patterns than any human being. Therefore this fund is very unique and we are very proud of it!

Further information about the fund can be found here.

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Photo: Marie Ballorain