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"BUZZ (AI) fund management!"

Kategorie: Blog Switzerland

by Marie Ballorain, Institutional Sales, France and Belgium

Do you know how Jamie Wise, our Canadian research partner for the ACATIS AI BUZZ US Equities fund, heard about ACATIS? Through the online “BUZZ” of course! Having read an article about how ACATIS was developing funds using artificial intelligence, he again used the BUZZ to gather information on whether Doctor Leber (founder of Acatis) truly understood the challenges and how to navigate such a giant step. Jamie knew what to look out for as he had himself been developing an index based on a specific approach of AI called “natural language processing” since 2013. In simple words, he is using AI to forecast which stocks will be winners through the analysis of the online BUZZ, meaning all available social and online data sources such as Twitter and Facebook for example. It is “sentiment measurement 2.0!” At ACATIS, we are very happy to be able using his BUZZ index because we believe that the analysis of words, sentences, blogs, articles through AI will become a larger part of the fundamental analysis of a company. And it works. This is why I specifically wrote this post - in order to create the BUZZ!

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Photo: Marie Ballorain




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